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    來自百威亞太的消息: https://mtw.so/6cUYSM
    百威英博求職討論區: http://bbs.yingjiesheng.com/forum-345-1.html
    百威英博2022校園招聘求職大禮包  |  百威英博校園招聘求職筆試面試經驗匯總

    2022 Global MBA Summer Internship Program Budweiser APAC-China-21009900
    Company Anheuser- Busch InBev (China) Co., Ltd.




    Brewing is not just a job, it's a passion.

    We're about more than just credentials. We want people who believe in our culture, our values and Dreaming big is in our DNA. Brewing the world's most loved beers and creating meaningful experiences is what inspires us. We are owners, empowered to lead real change, deliver on tough challenges, and take accountability for the results. 
    We are looking for talent that shares these values, that is ambitious, bold & resilient. We want talent that is looking for fast career growth, cross-functional experiences, global exposure and robust training & development.

    If this sounds like you, then we encourage you to apply to our Global MBA Program. The Full-Time Global MBA Program is a 1-year high potential leadership program for MBAs from top ranked schools across the world. 
    A few of the program highlights are:
    •    Global Induction with CEO, C-Level, and senior leaders.
    •    Deep dive immersions into unique markets in different parts of our global business.
    •    Access to the GMBA Alumni Community that will connect you with over 200+ GMBAs across AB InBev.
    •    Robust learning opportunities including Innovation training, Marketing Academy & Coaching Circles on capabilities.
    •    Unique high-touch leadership development from an Executive Coach and Senior Alumni Mentor.

    AB InBev GMBA Summer Internship

    The Global MBA Summer Internship is the pipeline for the Full-Time Global MBA Program. We only select our GMBA candidates from our GMBA Summer Internship Program. It's a 10 to 12-week internship where you'll be given the chance to complete a real-world strategic project with the opportunity to present to senior leaders at summer's close. Functional internship roles offered:

    •    Marketing
    •    Sales (including Direct to consumer & BEES – B2B)
    •    Finance 
    •    Procurement & Sustainability
    •    Supply & Logistics
    •    Solutions (Technology)
    •    ZX Ventures (global growth and innovation group within AB InBev)





    What we require:

    •    First year MBA candidate from a top-tier business school.
    •    Authorization to work permanently in the country of internship and full-time placement.
    •    4+ years of relevant working experience in any relevant business function.
    •    Not afraid to take risks, strong desire to achieve success, constant seeker of evolution.
    •    Challenges the status quo and always looking for consumer centric solutions.
    •    Quickly adapts to ever changing environments with incomplete information and thrives under pressure.
    •    Demonstrated leadership in previous work experience and extracurricular activities.
    •    Actively listens, seeks diverse opinions, comfortable in a team-based environment.
    •    Global mindset (international experience or cross-cultural exposure).



    Talent Programs

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