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Join hands with partners.

Establishing a social responsibility ecosystem with unified values

Delixi home for the agedEvery year and hundreds of homes for the elderly visit a long-term care system, caring for more than 3000 orphans and widows.

Delixi family A De enters Campus create the world's first public welfare children's safe electricity series educational short film, carry out more than 100 off-line activities every year to protect children's imageelectricity safety.

Delixi Hope Primary School over 12 aid schools have been built up to support the development of education in the central and western regions.

Inheritance of Chinese culture in Delixi family to sponsor the Wenzhou dragon boat team, actively participate in the national dragon boat race and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture.

Delixi CSR ecosystem all employees, distributors and suppliers actively participate in charitable activities and fulfill their social responsibilities. In the face of emergency disasters, the first time to support the disaster area, help rebuild the disaster area.